I'm thrilled about ONBETOO in many aspects.

  1. ONBETOO offered my way to get concrete information about prospects in advantage... and advised me to enlist them individually to look after them. Quite simple actually, because if you got to know, what your prospects are struggling with, it's rather easy to solve their problems.
  2. ONBETOO manages to hit targets:
    E-mail contact with my prospects helped me to reach an intimate relation-ship with them, even if we never met or never gonna meet.

    Nevertheless, I once reached an opt-in rate of 67%! Ok, some of these were already subscribers at that time, but by analyzing them differently, I got the chance to divide them into different lists for the first time. It made a lot easier for all of us. Now I was able to serve them properly.
  3. ONBETOO offers tutorial videos & support:
    No matter what, ONBETOO is going to solve the problem. Once incorporated to ONBETOO it is as easy as to use slide rules.


Thanks to ONBETOO I was able to intensify my relation-ships with prospects, increase my opt-in rates & sales rates up to a maximum. For me or for my company, ONBETOO became a trusty friend and indispensable tool.

Greetings from Paraguay,

Manfred Lakner.