Terms of use ONBETOO

Terms of use for website and product use https://onbetoo.com.
As amended on 1st of September, 2011

1. Scope and changes of terms

1.1. Scope

Terms and conditions apply to the use of services that users („you“) claim. The website is owned and operated by Internetmarketing Henningsen (IMH), Am Dorfplatz 18, 24145 Kiel, Germany, represented by sole trader Dirk Henningsen (“ONBETOO”) for users only, who are themselves entrepreneurs, § 14 BGB.

1.2. Changes

ONBETOO reserves the right to change and to add any terms and conditions in future. Users will be informed, but changes will be considered as obtained unless you contradict in written statements within four weeks. It is your responsibility to refer to the terms whenever you access the website. Every time you access the website you agree to be bound by terms and privacy policy as varied or amended from time to time.
It also requires a written approval by ONBETOO, if you wish to change any terms and conditions. You are obliged to keep your email address current.

2. Scope of services

2.1. ONBETOO’s web application

2.1.1. ONBETOO’s function and mode of operation

ONBETOO’s web application knows how to create websites, which correspond to individual visitors presenting user-specific contents, a totally new and revolutionary online service in marketing.

ONBETOO offers a user-friendly technology to individualize the sale-pages. Sometimes there will only be tiny tesserae necessary, but no longer profound knowledge of HTML required.

To know what a future customer really needs means you first have to know some pieces of information about your future customer. ONBETOO is able to help you by detailed analyses and polls.

Die Kontaktseite kann mit Hilfe eines Inlineframe (iFrame) in jede beliebige Internetseite wie zum Beispiel HTML-Seite, WordPress Blog, Facebook Fanpage usw., eingefügt werden. Zusätzlich stellt ONBETOO dem Anwender verschiedene Layouts zur Verfügung mit deren Hilfe die Kontaktseiten auf dem Server von ONBETOO erstellt werden können, so dass die Nutzung auch ohne eigene Internetseite möglich ist.

Your pages may be pimped and attached by Inline frame (iFrame) into any HTML, WordPress Blog, Facebook Fan pages or many more. ONBETOO offers various layouts, to use or to create; you even could launch it without a website of your own. Finally, visitors may decide to receive our analyses via mail or PDF/eBook and of course will be asked, if they accept your invitation to your auto responder system.

2.1.2. Services provided by ONBETOO

ONBETOO provides the following services:

  • Access to ONBETOO-contents via internet
  • Server capacities for operation and usage of ONBETOO

The usage of our services is liable to costs; for exact pricing, please note our pricing system on https://onbetoo.com.

The creation of the content of contact or sale pages is not included of the ONBETOO service in general, but you are welcome to request, book or charge it as part of the service against additional fees.

We do work with German high quality webhosting offering to you high quality and highest levels of availability.
Nevertheless ONBETOO has no hand on server traffic or successful transmission. Therefore we cannot guarantee a hundred percent server availability, leave alone acts of nature beyond control or third person’s faults.

2.2. ONBETOO’s efforts

Time is precious and we will do our outmost to save your time. That is why we make our highest efforts at fair prices.

You can book complete solutions for your project on ONBETOO, but we could also optimize or support you in any technical steps.

We have a wide range of skilled writers, who will create the perfect content or we can overtake the entire technical procedure, as you like it. In any case, we will offer you the perfect match.

For additional fees, please refer to our website https://onbetoo.com.

2.3. Outsourcing

In order to manage the best service for you, we might depend on support by others. ONBETOO reserves a right to outsource services to third parties.

3. Partners and signing

Users of ONBETOO services will have to contract with ClickBank:


Click Sales Inc

917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200

Boise ID 83706


ClickBank is the world’s largest and most trusted digital marketplace for sale & payment. Founded in 1998, ClickBank retails a secure online outlet for more than 50,000 digital products and 100,000 active affiliate marketers.

ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 35,000 digital transactions a day, serving more than 200 countries.

After you have registered in, you will receive an invoice from ClickBank instead of ONBETOO, as ClickBank will manage the ONBETOO services in the name of its own.

Straight after your first bill is paid you will be provided access to ONBETOO and start whatever you are looking for.

4. Fees, payment arrangements, termination, money-back-guarantee, delay

4.1. Fees

Our prices are – as shown on https://onbetoo.com - are without any value added tex (VAT). ClickBank figures out differing VATs from different countries, which could lead to divergent prices.

4.2. Payment arrangements

Business as usual. You may use credit cards, PayPal or payment made by direct debit.

4.3. Termination

ONBETOO provides you a contribution of services for value.

You can cancel it by mailing to: support@onbetoo.com; simply have your ClickBank receipt number ready or you can also use our Ticketsystem.

Please do us a favor to cancel at least 2-3 business days before the expiration of the relevant 30 days of termination. It will make things easier for you & for us to promptly call it off.

4.4. Money-back-guarantee

You will be warranted a money-back-guarantee within 60 days for any reason and refunded. Please drop a line on support@onbetoo.com and have your ClickBank receipt number at your side.

4.5. Delay

As soon as ClickBank notices the reversal or absence of payment to ONBETOO you will be disabled to reach access or benefits of ONBETOO and charged to pay a 15, -- USD handling fee, the ClickBank Fee which ONBETOO was billed for and the amount of your pricing plan for the specific period.

But be aware that the delay suspension has got nothing to do with the money-back-guarantee compensation, but arouses instead on top of the covenant fees.

In contrast, you will not have to pay these additional fees in a reversal during the money-back-guarantee.

5. Duties

You are responsible for the contents created or published via ONBETOO. Mark the German legislation on data protection or copy right. You promise to keep ONBETOO out off any claims because of data protection or copy right. Make sure to secure this. You can trust in us as we expect to be trusting in you, either.

In case of any offences or even intended offences against German law, ONBETOO is entitled and will cancel and take your published contents off the internet immediately. Still you will have to pay for all costs in concern of this bargain. You will be informed on that.

Apart from that, you allow ONBETOO to use any content or data you make accessible on ONBETOO.

To access ONBETOO you will receive a user ID and password. Keep it safe or in case of emergency go for a new password on https://onbetoo.com.

You are responsible for securing contents of your own. ONBETOO’s daily backup is for emergency causes only, such as when the loss of data might be due to ONBETOO’s fault. For additional data security you will be offered our superb export function.

6. Liability

In addition to German legal framework, there exist certain liability claims of ONBETOO:

  • ONBETOO will be liable without limit if damage is caused by intent or gross negligence.
  • In cases where the liability is limited or excluded, this will also apply to the liability of ONBETOO representatives, employees or agents.

7. Privacy & confidentiality

You and ONBETOO promise to mark and accept the whole of German legislation; explicitly concerning data security and privacy.

You and ONBETOO agree to keep anything, which will be acknowledged during this business, confidential not only for the duration of the contract, but also beyond.

ONBETOO grants to treat all data of you in confidence and will not make them accessible to any third party, nor sell or rent to third parties or use it in any other way than for its purposes.

Any data obtained by you out of ONBETOO – for example via website https://onbetoo.com – are to be kept confidential, inaccessible to third parties, inalienable or not allowed to be allocated to third parties, either.

8. Reseller exclusion

You may not assign provided benefits and services such as re-sale for commercial purposes to any other third.

9. Jurisdiction and place of performance

Jurisdiction and place of performance will be at ONBETOO’s registered business address in Kiel, Germany.

10. Severability cause

If a provision of this agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction that shall not affect:
1.    The validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this agreement; or
2.    Validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this Agreement.