If you are selling a product, for example a fitness machine which is suitable for both men and women, and a woman visits your website, you can specifically display pictures featuring women, and perhaps a special sales message or a video which will be attractive to women.

Likewise, if a man visits your website, you can display content that is suitable for him.

The individual sales page works with all options of HTML code. That means that you can insert as an individualized part, text, videos, pictures and any other stuff which works with HTML.

A prerequisite for this process is to ask the customer about his interests and needs.

Whether you receive the answers in an interesting analysis form or as short answers, it doesn’t matter.

This is because the advanced technology of ONBETOO will read any answer of the participant, independent of the point of time when he gave the answer, and display an individual sales page which is perfect for them.

Through this practical approach you can sell personalized products to each customer who visits your website.

This minimizes your expenses for personal marketing, and at the same time increases your sales rate.